Fourth Week of Easter

Thursday 25 April 2024 – Feast of St Mark

Pastoral Reflection on Gender

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales have issued a pastoral reflection on gender entitled, Intricately Woven by the Lord: A Pastoral Reflection on Gender.

Bishop David Oakley, Bishop of Northampton, said:  “We have published this document because we know that those working in pastoral settings can find this issue complex. It is also an issue that needs to be handled sensitively.

“Accompaniment is crucial to the journey of faith, and we wish to emphasise that everyone is welcome in the Church. It is vital that as followers of Christ we imitate the boundless mercy and compassion of God as we deal with the complexity of another’s life.

“But this needs to be done with a clear understanding of the Catholic vision and understanding of the human person and a holistic view of human sexuality.”

To read or download the document:

Bishops issue pastoral reflection on gender  – Catholic Bishops’ Conference (


Wednesday 24 April 2024

Enjoy what you have

“We live with constant pressure, from without and from within, to see more, consume more, buy more, and drink in more of life. The pressure to increase the dosage is constant and unrelenting. But this is precisely where a deliberate, willful, and hard asceticism is demanded of us. To quote Canadian theologian and author Mary Jo Leddy, we must, at some point say this, mean it, and live it: It’s enough. I have enough. I am enough. Life is enough. I need to gratefully enjoy what I have.”

Fr Ron Rolheiser, OMI


Tuesday 23 April 2024 – Solemnity of St George, Patron of England

st george

Happy Feast Day!

Today is the Solemnity of St George, Patron and Protector of England.

St George was a Roman soldier who was martyred on this day in 303 AD during the persecution of Christians in what is now present day Israel.  He became a favourite saint for the Crusades and his feast day has been kept in England since 1222.

Let us ask St George to pray for us and for all the people of our country.  Here is the prayer for today’s feast in the Roman Missal:

God of hosts,
who so kindled the fire of charity
in the heart of Saint George your martyr,
that he bore witness to the risen Lord
both by his life and by his death;
grant us through his intercession, we pray,
the same faith and power of love,
that we who rejoice in his triumph
may be led to share with him
in the fullness of the resurrection.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever.


Monday 22 April 2024


Earth Day

Heavenly Father,
you have taught us, through your servant St Francis,
that all creation is your handiwork.
Grant us your grace that we may
exercise wise stewardship of this Earth;
tread lightly upon it;
and cherish its resources;
that our children may enjoy its riches, throughout all generations,
and your name be glorified through all that you have made.

Rt Revd David Walker
Bishop of Manchester


4th Sunday of Easter (B) – 21 April 2024


Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Easter 4B) 2024

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Easter 4B) 2024

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-easter-4-year-b-2024-1

pray for priests lzw

World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Pastoral Letter:    Pastoral letter Archbishop Malcolm 2024

Message from Fr Ron Johnson:    Message from Vocations’ Director


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God bless,
Fr Dave 

Third Week of Easter

Wednesday 17 April 2024


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Tuesday 16 April 2024


“The ability to forgive is more contingent upon grace than upon willpower. What makes forgiveness so difficult, existentially impossible at times, is not primarily that our egos are bruised and wounded. Rather, the real difficulty is that a wound to the soul works the same as a wound to the body; it strips us of our strength.”

Fr Ron Rolheiser, OMI


Monday 15 April 2024



Today, we remember all those who died at Hillsborough thirty-five years ago.  We remember especially Ian Whelan from St Oswald’s and his parents, Doris and Norman.

comfort the families and the friends of the 97 who died
and all who feel their loss.
Hold them in the love that holds their loved ones.
Through Christ our Lord.

Pray for Peace

“I am following in prayer and with concern, even pain, the news that has reached us in the last few hours regarding the worsening of the situation in Israel, due to the intervention by Iran.  I make a heartfelt appeal to halt any action that might fuel a spiral of violence, with the risk of dragging the Middle East into an even greater military conflict.

No-one should threaten the existence of others.  May all the nations instead take the side of peace, and help Israelis and Palestinians live in two States, side by side, in safety.  It is their deep and legitimate desire, and it is their right!  Two neighbouring States.

Let there be a ceasefire in Gaza soon, and let us pursue the paths of negotiation, with determination.  Let us help that population, plunged into a humanitarian catastrophe; let the hostages kidnapped months ago be released!  So much suffering!  Let us pray for peace.  No more war, no more attacks, no more violence!  Yes to dialogue and yes to peace!”

Pope Francis, 14 April 2024


3rd Sunday of Easter (B) – 14 April 2024


Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Easter 3B) 2024

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Easter 3B) 2024

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-easter-3-year-b-2024


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God bless,
Fr Dave 

Second Week of Easter

Thursday 11 April 2024

stay close to the shepherd


Wednesday 10 April 2024

(c) professor christina pagel

Holy Spirit
still me
in your presence,

sit with me
awhile in this
life of mine.

Spirit of God
what is your
desire for me?

Who do you
want me to be
that I ignore,

what do you
want me to do
that I resist?

Give me a heart
for the life you
want me to live.

(c) Raymond Friel


Tuesday 9 April 2024


Praying for Peace

Let us pray for peace, especially for martyred Ukraine and for Palestine and Israel. May the Spirit of the Risen Lord enlighten and support those who work to reduce tensions and encourage actions that make negotiations possible.

Pope Francis


Monday 8 April 2024

Words from our Lord in yesterday’s Gospel:

“Peace be with you”

“Receive the Holy Spirit”

“Give me your hand”


2nd Sunday of Easter (B) – 7 April 2024



Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Easter 2B) 2024

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Easter 2B) 2024

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-year-b-easter-2-2024


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God bless,
Fr Dave 

Easter Octave 2024

Easter Friday – 5 April 2024

“The joy of the Gospel consists in this: that God loves us with tenderness and mercy. We are called to make this joyful message resound throughout the world, testifying to it with our lives. May everyone discover the beauty of the love of God manifested in Jesus.”

Pope Francis


Easter Thursday – 4 April 2024

prayer exhaling inhaling


Easter Wednesday – 3 April 2024

Archbishop Patrick

Archbishop Malcolm writes:  “On 3 April 1984, Mgr Patrick Kelly was ordained bishop of Salford.  In 1996, he was translated to Liverpool to take up the pastoral leadership of our local church.  We give thanks for his 40 years of episcopal service and ministry to the church, particularly as our Archbishop and his service to the Holy Land and to the Catholic Deaf Association.  Please offer a prayer for him.”


Easter Tuesday – 2 April 2024

thumbnail_Irenaeus Come and See April 24


Easter Monday – 1 April 2024


Someone sent me a little video over the weekend of a boy with down syndrome stepping out from a crowd to help Jesus during a Passion Play.  I don’t know the location and my apologies if posting this infringes copyright, but it lifted my heart.

Thank you to this little boy for reminding us of all the goodness that still exists in the world.