8th Week in Ordinary Time

Thursday 1 June 2023

Huub Oosterhuis

Recently, the Dutch theologian and poet, Huub Oosterhuis, died.  He made a massive contribution to Christian music and liturgy.  He teamed up with the Dutch composer, Bernard Huijbers (who died in 2003), who put Huub’s words to music.

While I was at St Joseph’s College, Upholland, Canon Christopher Cunningham taught us some of their works, particularly those written for the Easter Triduum – ‘No one lives for himself’ and ‘Awake you who sleep’.

Most of Huub’s books are out of print now, although you can still purchase second hand copies on the internet.  The songs I heard at Upholland prompted me to buy one of his books back in 1980 – “Your Word is Near”.  In the book, there are many beautiful prayers, including this one:

You wait for us
until we are open to you.
We wait for your word
to make us receptive.
Attune us to your voice,
to your silence,
speak and bring your Son to us –
Jesus, the word of your peace.
Your word is near, O Lord our God,
your grace is near.

Come to us, then,
with mildness and power.
Do not let us be deaf to you,
but make us receptive and open
to Jesus Christ your Son, 
who will come to look for us and save us
today and every day
for ever and ever.

You, God, arouse faith in our hearts,
whoever we are.
You know and accept all your people,
whatever their thoughts are of you.
Speak to the world, then, your word,
come with your heaven among us,
give to good and to bad your sun,
for ever and ever.

(c) 1968 Huub Oosterhuis in ‘Your Word is Near’. Published by the Paulist Press.


Wednesday 31 May 2023 – The Visitation of Mary

“Today, the Church celebrates the Visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, who proclaims her blessed because she believed the word of the Lord (Lk 1:45).

Let us look to Mary, and implore from her the gift of an ever more courageous faith.”

(Pope Francis)


Tuesday 30 May 2023

Our Lady of Sheshan image (c) Vatican Radio

Image of Our Lady of Sheshan in the Basilica of Shanghai (c) Vatican Radio

Prayer for China

In addition to Laudato Si’ Week, last week was also a Week of Prayer for China.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI designated 24 May, the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians, as an annual worldwide Day of Prayer for the Church in China.  Cardinal Charles Bo, President of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, called on the faithful to extend this to a Week of Prayer for the Church and people of China.

Bishop Tom Nelyon, Lead Bishop for Asia, said:

“I hope Catholics in England and Wales will join with others across the globe to pray for all the peoples of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. May they know the Lord’s presence and, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, that they will ‘always be credible witnesses to [His] love’.

“Especially at this time of heightened tension across the region, including in Hong Kong and Taiwan, let us unite in prayer for justice, peace, and the protection of human dignity. 

“This week also presents an important opportunity to mark the contribution of the Chinese Community to the Church in England and Wales. May we continue to celebrate their presence and extend the hand of welcome to new arrivals in our parishes.”

Some useful resources:    Week of Prayer for China – Catholic Bishops’ Conference (cbcew.org.uk)


Monday 29 May 2023




Laudato Si’ Week

Last week was Laudato Si’ Week.  The week marks the anniversary of Pope Francis’ document on care for our common home.

The main resource for the week was a film called ‘The Letter’.  It tells the story of four ‘social poets’ affected first-hand by the climate crisis, who travel to Rome to meet Pope Francis.  They engage in a fascinating dialogue with the Pope, offering a revealing insight into the personal history of Pope Francis and stories never seen since he became the Bishop of Rome.

You can watch the film here:

Resources for Laudato Si’ Week – Catholic Bishops’ Conference (cbcew.org.uk)


Website for Laudato Si’ Week:

Laudato Si’ Week 2023 Resources (laudatosiweek.org)


Prayer:  (click on image to enlarge)

EN_LSW 2023

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday (A) – 28 May 2023


Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Pentecost) 2023

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Pentecost 2023)

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-pentecost-year-a-2023

“The Holy Spirit is the source of joy, born of our relationship with God, from knowing that we are not alone, lost or defeated even amid struggles and dark nights, because He is with us.  We can overcome everything with God, even the abyss of pain and death.”

(Pope Francis, 27 May 2023)


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7th Week of Easter

My sincere apologies for no posts this week.

I think it’s the first time in four years that I’ve not provided a daily post.  It’s simply down to the shear volume of work coming at me.

Normal service will resume next week!

God bless,
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7th Sunday of Easter (A) – 21 May 2023

World Communications Day


Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Easter 7A) 2023

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Easter 7A) 2023

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-easter-7-year-a-2023-1

World Communications Day:    

World Communications Day – Catholic Bishops’ Conference (cbcew.org.uk)

Ascension to Pentecost Novena:

Ascension to Pentecost Novena

Thy Kingdom Come 2023 | Thy Kingdom Come


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6th Week of Easter

Wednesday & Thursday, 17 & 18 May 2023



Mass Times

7.00 pm  Vigil Mass at St Oswald’s

9.15 am  School Mass in church at St Oswald’s
11.00 am  Mass at St Benedict’s
2.00 pm  Mass in St Benedict’s School

Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Ascension Cycle A)


Tuesday 16 May 2023

Prayer for Dementia Action Week

Loving God, Healer and Comforter,
we pray for those who suffer from the anxiety,
ambiguity and confusion of dementia,
and in a special way for their caregivers.

Give them patience as they work through familiar daily scripts
and questions asked, answered and asked again.
Give them long memories to recall the fullness of their loved one’s life
beyond these moments of forgetting.
Give them the grace to let go of what was
and embrace what is in love.

When the pain of being forgotten and the grinding trials become too much,
comfort them with the promise of your Resurrection
where every tear shall be wiped away
and we shall know each other once more.

God of all mercies,
sustain those who care for others.
Grant them what they need for the moments ahead.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Monday 15 May 2023

This week is Dementia Action Week.

A reminder that St Margaret Clitherow Centre will be hosting a faith and dementia event on Wednesday…

Faith & Dementia


6th Sunday of Easter (A) – 14 May 2023

Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians



Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    Mass Sheet (Easter 6A) 2023

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Easter 6A) 2023

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-easter-6-year-a-2023

Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians:    

International Day of Prayer for Eastern Christians – Catholic Bishops’ Conference (cbcew.org.uk)


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5th Week of Easter

Friday 12 May 2023

Illegal Migration Bill

See below for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Speech to the House of Lord on 10 May 2023:

Speech to the House of Lords, Justin Welby 100523


Thursday 11 May 2023

pope francis when you pray


Wednesday 10 May 2023

Eurovision CTMR

Throughout the week of Eurovision, the Church communities in Liverpool are providing opportunities for people to come together in prayer, fellowship and worship.  You can download a brochure here:


Today, at 7.00 pm, there will be a joint ‘Songs of Praise’ service at our Cathedral to pray for peace.  This will involve the two Cathedral Choirs, the Salvation Army Band, a Ukrainian Choir and communal hymns.  All are welcome.  The service will also be live streamed here:

Imagine Peace: Eurovision 2023 (methodist.org.uk)


Tuesday 9 May 2023


Day of Prayer for Victims and Survivors of Abuse

Today, the Catholic Church in England & Wales is keeping a National Day of Prayer for those in our families and communities who carry within themselves the deep and traumatic wounds inflicted by abuse.

We’ve all been horrified by the accounts of abuse in the Church that have emerged in recent years and angered by the subsequent coverups.  Words fail us in the face of such evil perpetrated against children and those who are vulnerable.

The Church must be the one place that is safe for everyone.  That’s the responsibility of us all.  Today, we pledge again to make this a reality in our own parish, and to support those who’ve been hurt by members of the Church or members of their families or others.

since your mercy has been revealed
in the tenderness of your Son, Jesus Christ,
who said to his disciples:
“Let the little children come to me”,
we pray that your Church may be a secure home
where all are brought closer to your Beloved Son.
May all those who have been abused be respected
and accompanied by justice and reparation
so that they may be healed by the balm of your grace.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For more information, check out the Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales website which has a dedicated page for today with all sorts of information and resources:

Prayer for Survivors of Abuse 2023 – Catholic Bishops’ Conference (cbcew.org.uk)

For local information, help and support, see the Safeguarding page on this website under ‘Information’ above.


5th Sunday of Easter (A) – 7 May 2023

Coronation Weekend

Credit - Chris Jackson

Image (c) Chris Jackson. Used with permission.


Mass Sheet we will be using in church:    

Coronation Weekend Mass Sheet (Easter 5A) website

Bidding Prayers:    Bidding Prayers (Easter 5A) 2023

Reflection on the Readings:    prego-easter-5-year-a-2023-1


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