This Week 11 - 18 August 2019

 St Benedict'sSt Oswald'sSt Mary's
(Latin Mass)
Sunday 18 August
20th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)
10.30 am Mass
(Sat) 6.00 pm Vigil Mass
8.30 am Mass
3.30 pm Polish Mass
4.30 pm Polish Prayer Group
11.00 am Sung Mass
6.00 pm Mass
No Prayer Group
(Resumes 2 September)
12.10 pm Mass
St Bernard
11.30 pm Exposition
12.15 pm Mass
9.30 am Mass12.10 pm Mass
St Pius X
1.30 pm Funeral Mass
(Patricia Curley)
12.10 pm Mass
The Queenship of Mary
9.30 am Mass
No Evening Novena
(Resumes 5 September)
6.30 am Mass
12.10 pm Mass
7.00 pm Mass
12.15 pm Mass
No Meditation
12.10 pm Mass

Feast of St Bartholomew
10.00 - 11.00 am Exposition
6.00 pm Vigil Mass
12.10 pm Mass
Sunday 25 August
21st Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)
10.30 am Baptism Mass 8.30 am Mass
3.30 pm Polish Mass
4.30 pm Polish Prayer Group
11.00 am Sung Mass
6.00 pm Mass



A warm welcome to visitors, those who have come home for the summer, and guests of parishioners.  This week, a greeting in Slovak:

Veľmi srdečné privítanie všetkých našich návštevníkov.
Dúfame, že máte dobrú dovolenku tu v meste Warrington.



This Thursday is the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary and is a holyday of obligation. Masses:

12.15 pm         Lunchtime Mass at St Benedict’s
7.00 pm            Evening Mass at St Oswald’s

Masses at St Mary’s Shrine:  6.30 am, 12.10 pm & 7.00 pm


St Mary’s Shrine will be hosting an all-night vigil for the Solemnity of the Assumption starting on Wednesday evening at 9.00 pm and concluding with Low Mass at 6.30 am on Thursday.  During the night, there will be alternating Stations of the Cross, Rosary and silent adoration.  Tea/coffee breaks at will in Cloister.  Car park and street gates open all night.


A group of parishioners from St Oswald’s will be making a pilgrimage to Lourdes at the beginning of September.  If you would like them to take any petitions to the Grotto, please place them in an envelope and put them in the basket at the back of St Oswald’s Church or hand them to Fr Dave.  Please do not put money in with your petitions.


If you are going away on holiday and are concerned that you might not be able to find a church for Sunday Mass, why not prepare for this eventuality by taking a Mass sheet on holiday with you.  All the Mass sheets we will use for Sunday Mass during the summer are available from the sacristy.  Then, if you can’t find a church, why not gather those you’re with, make the Sign of the Cross, read the Scripture Readings together, perhaps invite each person to share something that may have struck them from the readings, then conclude with some simple spontaneous Bidding Prayers and the Lord’s Prayer.  Fr Dave



Have you had your say yet? This is your last opportunity to help finalise the emerging Central 6 Masterplan.

The Warrington Central 6 Regeneration Masterplan will guide development and investments in the central wards for the next 30 years. The main wards covered are Bewsey and Whitecross, Fairfield and Howley, Orford, Latchford East, Latchford West and Poplars and Hulme.

If you live or work in the central area, please get involved and have your say over the plans. It’s important you play your part to help design, help make a priority and change future projects.  To have your say, Google “Central 6 Master Plan Warrington” and complete the online survey.



An Afternoon Tea will be held in aid of ‘The Children of Kenya’ at St Benedict’s Parish Centre on Tuesday 20 August, 2.00 – 4.00 pm. Tickets £4.00 (£1 children), available from Brenda Grindley or Mary Monks. Parents & Grandparents: There’ll be a children’s bring & buy stall and tombola, as well as cakes and other refreshments, so do bring the children along. If anyone has any potential prizes they would like to donate for the tombola etc, they would be much appreciated.



Churches Together will be making a pilgrimage to Liverpool on Thursday 22 August.  The pilgrimage is an opportunity to spend a half-day together by visiting the two Cathedrals in Liverpool.  Leaving St Oswald’s car park at 10.30 am, we will visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, share a packed lunch together, and then visit the Anglican Cathedral.  We should arrive back in Warrington at approximately 4.00 pm.  If you would like a place on the coach, please sign the list at the back of church by TODAY (Sunday 11 August).  Cost: £5 per person.  Fr Dave


A date for your diary: the first meeting of the new Family Groups will take place on Sunday 15 September.  Details to follow.


The annual Service of Blessing and Prayer for Animals will take place at 2.00 pm on Sunday 22 September at St Benedict’s.



Nugent’s fourth annual dance competition and gala fundraiser, Strictly Nugent 2019, will take place at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, on Saturday 2 November 2019.  Nugent are looking for new dancers to take part.  For information on how you can get involved and support your local charity, Nugent, please visit: or call Nugent’s Fundraising Team on 0151 261 2000.


Our children and young people are growing up in an increasingly digital world that is filled with social media and the need to access online services to learn, create and grow. While this opens up a world of possibilities, it also opens up a world of child protection issues in terms of accessing inappropriate content, sexual abuse and bullying. Parents will find the following websites useful:

  1. The UK Safer Internet Centre:
  2. Educational packs aimed at different age groups:


On Tuesday 1 May 2018, the three parishes of St Benedict’s, St Mary’s and St Oswald’s merged into the new Parish of Blessed James Bell. The new parish incorporates three Churches (St Benedict’s, St Mary’s Shrine & St Oswald’s), two Catholic Primary Schools (St Benedict’s & St Oswald’s), two Parish Centres (St Benedict’s & St Oswald’s) and one Parish Office (based at St Benedict’s).

Mass of Inauguration of the New Parish of Blessed James Bell


Clergy from the Pastoral Area enter with Archbishop Malcolm


The Archbishop welcomes everyone and leads us in prayer:



Presentation of Canonical Decree merging the three parishes into one new parish:

new-parish-1   _new-parish-2

Renewing our Baptism as we set out as a new community:


Presentation of new Parish Registers and Seal:


Some of our altar servers with the Archbishop:


With many thanks to Kevin Holt for the superb photographs.


Fr Dave's Blog

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time (C)

Gospel  (Luke 12: 32-48)

Jesus said to his disciples: ‘There is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the kingdom.

‘Sell your possessions and give alms. Get yourselves purses that do not wear out, treasure that will not fail you, in heaven where no thief can reach it and no moth destroy it. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

‘See that you are dressed for action and have your lamps lit. Be like men waiting for their master to return from the wedding feast, ready to open the door as soon as he comes and knocks. Happy those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes. I tell you solemnly, he will put on an apron, sit them down at table and wait on them. It may be in the second watch he comes, or in the third, but happy those servants if he finds them ready. You may be quite sure of this, that if the householder had known at what hour the burglar would come, he would not have let anyone break through the wall of his house. You too must stand ready, because the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.’

Peter said, ‘Lord, do you mean this parable for us, or for everyone?’ The Lord replied, ‘What sort of steward, then, is faithful and wise enough for the master to place him over his household to give them their allowance of food at the proper time? Happy that servant if his master’s arrival finds him at this employment. I tell you truly, he will place him over everything he owns. But as for the servant who says to himself, “My master is taking his time coming,” and sets about beating the menservants and the maids, and eating and drinking and getting drunk, his master will come on a day he does not expect and at an hour he does not know. The master will cut him off and send him to the same fate as the unfaithful.

The servant who knows what his master wants, but has not even started to carry out those wishes, will receive very many strokes of the lash. The one who did not know, but deserves to be beaten for what he has done, will receive fewer strokes. When a man has had a great deal given him, a great deal will be demanded of him; when a man has had a great deal given him on trust, even more will be expected of him.’



What sort of a day have I had … or what is my day going to be like?
I spend time focusing on this,
and ask the Lord to be with me as I remember or look forward.
I try to leave all preoccupations behind,
focusing only on this time spent with the Lord.

When I have reached some inner quiet, I read the text above.
I stop when a phrase strikes me.
What does it mean to me? Why would someone do that?
It may help if I can imagine myself as one of the disciples Jesus is addressing,
or as one of the characters: the servants, the master, the householder.
I might move from one to another. What new perspectives come to the fore?

Jesus is encouraging his disciples to be ready
and vigilant for the coming of the Son of Man.
I look to my own life. In what ways does this apply to me?
How will I respond when the Master knocks at my door?
Am I so protective of my own property that I forget to trust,
and see the good in other people’s actions?

I turn to the Lord and tell him how I feel at the end of my prayer.
I ask him for the help and support I need just now.

In gratitude, I say: Glory be to the Father…

(Adapted from ‘Prego’, St Beuno’s Outreach, Diocese of Wrexham)



On 30 June, the online Synod Survey closed. Up to that point, 1,300 people had filled in the Synod questions online.

On 16 July, the parish listening sheets all had to be sent to the Synod Office.  It is difficult to say how many people the response represented, but a cautious estimate is that over 20,000 people have taken part.  In addition, the youth survey added another 570 responses.

What happens with all this listening?

Hope University (under the guidance of Father Peter McGrail, director of the Hope Institute of Pastoral Theology) has been analysing all the data so that it can be taken to the Synod Working Party to discern the next steps on our Synod Journey.

Who are the Synod Working Party?

The Synod moderators (Father Philip Inch, Father Matthew Nunes), Mrs Maureen Knight (Pastoral Formation), Mrs Debbie Reynolds (Pastoral Worker), Sr Rachel Duffy FCJ, Miss Kate Wilkinson (School Chaplain), Fr Mark Beattie, Fr Stephen Pritchard and Fr Dominic Curran.

What will they do?

From 15–17 August, the Synod Working Party will gather under the guidance of Fr Eamonn Fitzgibbon and Dr Jessie Rogers (from Limerick Diocese).  They will lead a three-day process of discernment and prayer.  Fr Peter McGrail will present all the data from the listening that has taken place and, after a time of discernment, we hope that a number of themes will emerge which indicate the way forward for us on our Synod journey.

Then what?

The themes will be presented to Synod members at the September Synod gatherings in Wigan (21 & 25 September).  They will also be presented to the Archdiocese on Synod Sunday in October, and then each theme will be explored, discussed, examined and prayed about.  Synod members will then be invited to listen to the people of the Archdiocese and with them discern which proposals should be put forward based on each theme.

What can I do?

Pope Francis continually reminds us that the work of synodality is the work of the Holy Spirit and, that if we listen and discern, then the voice of God will be heard.  At the opening of Synod 2020 in February 2019, Archbishop Malcolm said:  ‘In October 2018 we celebrated the first Synod Sunday. In my Pastoral Letter that day I focused on the need to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us through the life and experience of all the priests, deacons, religious and people of our Archdiocese.  It is our duty to discern carefully together what the Spirit is saying to the Church in the Archdiocese and agree on common directions and actions for the future.’

So prayer is vitally important at this time in our Synod journey, especially on 15, 16 and 17 August.  Archbishop Malcolm’s words last February can be at the heart of our praying:  ‘In convoking the Synod I am calling us to be bold and creative in the task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and methods of evangelisation in our Archdiocesan community with its various parish and ecclesial, religious and social communities.’

Thank you for all that has taken place, and please pray as we move to the next steps of Synod 2020.

Synod Prayer

Father, we thank you
for the love you have shown us
in the gift of Jesus, your Son.
We thank you for the gift of the Church,
through which you show us
that you are always with us
and are always at work in our lives.

As we journey together to Synod 2020,
help us to become the Church that you are calling us to be.
May your Holy Spirit be powerfully
at work among us.
Strengthen each of us and guide Francis, our Pope
and Malcolm, our Archbishop.

Help us to respond
to the challenges of our times in new ways
to bring your love to all our sisters and brothers.
We make this prayer
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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